ASTM Compass®

Keep your Standards Data Accurate

Get online access to ASTM standards, industry-leading technical engineering information such as manuals, books, standard adjunct supplements, journals, research papers and monographs.

Providing you 24/7 online access to the content developed by ASTM’s worldwide network of experts, ASTM Compass® helps you ensure safety, improve quality, and gain a competitive advantage.

Instantly access any of ASTM’s 12,000+ standards, as well as standards from AASHTO, AATCC, UNE (AENOR), API, AWWA, CGA, IES, and UOP. Access is provided via our state-of-the-art newly designed platform: ASTM Compass®.

Through Compass®, ASTM not only delivers content, but also provides tools to help improve the quality of your products and work by automating the process of change management.

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Innovate With Digital Standards

  • A version comparison tool that provides a side-by-side highlight of changes made between iterations of standards with the ability to view the entire history of changes made to a standard
  • A standards update tracking tool in which Compass® users receive a real-time email alert when standards update
  • Group project favorite standards tool
  • Translation availability differs per each publishing partner
  • Compass Points PDF annotation and digital citation functionality
  • Enhanced metadata search algorithm
  • ASTM standards in traditional PDF or dynamic XHTML format
  • Immediate identification of the technical committee responsible for a standard
  • Usage reports showing user access data

Learn More About ASTM Compass®

More Than Digital Access to Standards

Digitization helps engineers overcome unintended incorporation of out-of-date recommendations, loss of the original source of standards used, accidental deletion of a standard’s source and more. True digitization is more than just going from paper to PDFs.

It requires providing a link to the data in the standard, a link that provides a clear comparison of an older standard to a new version. With the version comparison tool, users can quickly see any changes to a standard since its last publication.

Color-coded highlighting helps you instantly identify changes to standards, saving you time, money, and manpower. No need to manually review and compare documents. Easily add overlays, diffs, and exceptions to define and refine your requirements.

Then share a Compass Point with your colleague. Keep projects on track despite constant changes.

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Advantage of Digitized Standards

Each Compass Point includes the standard publisher, standard number and title, creator’s contact, date, time plus notes and overlays. Users can name the Point to associate with a project code, part number, or process ID for easy retrieval.

With a unique and permanent data ID, you’ll ensure information shared amongst colleagues is retained, protecting your organization against lost knowledge. A spreadsheet view by standard and by account makes it easy to sort your standards data. Then embed the links in your internal systems: e.g. LIMS, PLM, requirements management, and ERP.

Compass Points are kept in perpetuity for every version of standards from ASTM, AWWA, API , AASHTO , European Standards, and others.

A spreadsheet view by standard and by account makes it easy to sort your standards data. Name your Compass Points semantically according to project code, part number or process ID for easy retrieval. Compass Points will always keep you informed when a standard is updated.

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ASTM Compass Offers Multiple B2B Authentication Options

Username and Password

Username and Password does not require configuration on your end. Set-up is quick and easy. Information required: The first name(s), last name(s), and e-mail of each user in an .xlsx or .csv file, if possible.

Single Sign On (SSO)

SSO for ASTM Compass is SP initiated. ASTM can accommodate a connection to our production for any SAML based SSO.

Shibboleth/Open Athens

SSO access through Shibboleth or Open Athens does not require configuration on the customer’s end.

IP Verification

IP Verification does not require configuration on your end. Authentication is provided by verifying the external facing, public IPs for the licensed location(s).


Applet allows the users to access ASTM Compass through your organization’s intranet site. Configuration depends on your intranet set up. We capture the intranet location on our end and use the referrer information to validate the user’s access.

We outline the set up for a web server site and SharePoint (please note we do not currently support applet configuration for Sharepoint 365).