Exo Technology

Exo Technology Standards

Bridging the gap between research and sustained commercial success by harnessing standards to optimum effect can be complex and challenging for those working in emerging technologies like exo-technologies.

Through our programs and outreach, we are not only developing standards to assure users that exo-skeletons are safe, reliable and effective, but are also working to build the capabilities and resources for these technologies to enhance and improve many more lives.

Leveraging expertise from industry, academia, and government, we are creating and delivering a growing range of courses and events to support the community.


How is ASTM Impacting Exo-Technology Development?

Education & Workforce Development – providing a wide range of learning and training opportunities on exoskeletons, including online, hands-on, and virtual

Standards & Certification – providing the needed research, data, and expertise to standards development organizations to create needed tools such as standards as well as certification and interlaboratory study programs.

Research & Development – strategically prioritizing research focused on developing new standards or modifying existing standards

Consortia – collaborations with industry, academia, and government to identify research-to-standards projects, education and workforce development initiatives, and other community needs

Coordination – connecting research, testing, and education efforts throughout the community and providing forums to discuss common challenges

International Exo Technology Center of Excellence

Established in 2019, the ASTM International Exo Technology Center of Excellence is a collaboration between ASTM (and its more than 30,000 members) and consumers, industry, government, healthcare, and academia. The Exo Technology Center of Excellence seeks to improve the quality of life and participation of all people through accelerating exo technology research, standards, testing, and training.

ASTM International’s Exo Technology Center of Excellence brings together industry, healthcare, academia, and government to accelerate safety and reliability standards for exoskeletons and their systems.

Through research-to-standards, knowledge sharing, and education efforts, the Exo Technology Center of Excellence will ensure greater confidence in the baseline performance of exoskeletons and drive faster commercialization and adoption of the technology.